Rasmus Peter Kristensen shares his calm and tranquillity filled travel expeditions

For all those people who wish to see the other side of the world, and who love to explore and understand the many unexplored places, the world may never seem enough for them.

These are individuals whose purpose of life itself is to travel and not just that, but also influence others to do the same.


Rasmus Peter Kristensen is amongst all those people who proudly calls himself an explorer of the world and the one who never gets tired to travel the world, being a travel influencer.

As he always has called himself a world citizen, his life has revolved around the word ‘travel’ and hence, he made it his mission to make all others understand the importance of the same.

Rasmus came up with his page on Instagram called “Resort” that gives a glimpse to people of how their life can be if they choose to travel the world.

Travelling provides the best experiences of life, the ones that people do not get to know or learn living in a confined environment.


Hence, Rasmus’ Resort is a compelling platform for many travel admirers that offers them space which they can explore to share their extraordinary travel stories and at the same time, influence many others by just tagging @resort on Instagram, by also getting a chance to get featured on their page.

Rasmus travels around the world with his wife and stays at world-best hotels and resorts to not miss on experiencing the luxuries of life as well.

He considers his wife and the people around him as his achievements. Rasmus also completed the sealift 20 times, which is a navy seal camp, where people are continuously on the move and experience a lot of pressure physically and mentally.


After Rasmus experienced a panic attack in life, he decided to choose travel to get rid of all these negativities.

Since that decision of his, Rasmus has only tried to extend his limits and travel to as many places as he can to not miss out on any opportunity to know the world closely.

With Resort, Rasmus motivates people and emphasizes on the idea to create more memories and enjoy each moment of their life, visit umpteen numbers of places, share all those experiences and become influential for others journeys as well.

Since travelling is something that has made Rasmus feel alive; he wants people to get the same experience to understand why he professes the idea and wants them to inculcate an interest in the same seeing the world beyond what eyes can see, and feel the calm and tranquillity it can offer to people.


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