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Everything you need to know about traveling on an airplane in a pandemic, according to experts

a person standing in front of a car talking on a cell phone: Think of your mask like an airline ticket now — if you don't have one, you're not getting onboard. Associated Press

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Think of your mask like an airline ticket now — if you don’t have one, you’re not getting onboard. Associated Press

  • If you’re planning on booking air travel during the coronavirus pandemic, you may be worried about whether travel insurance will cover a cancellation as well as how to stay physically safe while on board.
  • Travel writer Caroline Morse Teel spoke with travel insurance expert Stan Sandberg about the best insurance to cover your trip; he recommends a plan that allows cancellations “for any reason.”
  • Teel also spoke with two epidemiologists who offered their best tips to reduce your exposure to potential infection throughout the flight (hint: lots of hand sanitizer).
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Confused about all things travel right now? You’re not alone. To clear things up, we consulted the experts on the questions that are on all travelers’ minds right now, getting the inside answers on everything from coronavirus travel insurance to masks on planes so you can travel confidently (or decide to stay at home) this summer.

a woman in a blue shirt and smiling at the camera: Caroline Teel. Caroline Teel

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Caroline Teel. Caroline Teel

If I buy travel insurance now for an upcoming trip, will it cover a cancellation due to the coronavirus?

The fine print that comes along with travel insurance can be headache-inducing under normal circumstances, let alone in a pandemic.

Stan Sandberg, cofounder of Travelinsurance.com, broke down different coronavirus coverage options. The simple answer: It depends on your policy, so you’ll need to

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