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WATCH: Artists at Dubai Canvas share their inspiration

Mahra Al Falahi, a 23-year-old local artist, poses with one of her art pieces on display at the Dubai Canvas 2020 taking place at City Walk, Dubai.
Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

DUBAI: As life returns to normal in the UAE, one of the first in-person art exhibitions is being held at City Walk’s indoor space, where the public can find a number of unique pieces under the theme of “Travelling through Art”.

Brand Dubai has partnered with Meeras to host the Dubai Canvas exhibition this year, where a number of local and international talents have come to share their artistic visions. The event showcases many different artists as well as musical performances, an interactive painting experience with a pendulum as well as other shows. The exhibition also tailored to the current climate, with Emirati artist Ahmed Al Mahri creating a live calligraphy piece that depicted the Lebanese flag.

Conversation with 3D International artist

Guinness World Record Holder Juandres Vera is a Spanish 3D artist who has participated in Dubai Canvas for five years. A regular at numerous international and local art events, Vera has presented two large three-dimensional artworks at City Walk this year, where visitors can interact with the work and take some unique illusion photography.

“Most festivals [around the world] use the same locations every year. But in Dubai, every year is a different location. Sometimes we work on the floor, sometimes on the wall, or sometimes both. ‘Travelling Through Art’, the theme of this edition, is

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