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Travel Restrictions During COVID-19: Can I Take a Trip in California?

If Driving Is Safer, How Can I Road Trip Safely?

Making your trip in a car undoubtedly reduces your risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 because of how contained you are from others. It’s way less risky than taking a plane or a train right now. But by leaving your household and hitting the road, you’re still running the risk of spreading the coronavirus, and should take precautions — especially if you’re planning to drive longer distances.

Unless you’re purposefully limiting your mileage, you’re going to need to get out of your car at certain times. It’s smart to plan your route and be aware of the COVID-19 risks in the areas you’re driving through — if you’re driving through a hot spot, you may wish to limit your stops.

Bring an ample supply of wipes to keep your car disinfected by wiping the steering wheel, surfaces, gearstick, parking brake and inside the dashboard every time you return to your car from a gas station, rest stop, restaurant or lodging — basically, from anywhere you’re around people or touching surfaces.

Keep a sealed bag in your car for disposing of your used wipes and gloves. Stash your mask(s) safely somewhere where you can easily and quickly grab it.

You’re almost certainly going to need to stop for gas, so remember to wipe down gas pump handles with your disinfectant wipes. You might consider bringing a supply of gloves to wear when refueling and using gas station restrooms — just remember

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COVID-19 tests and quaratine rule changes make travel plans confusing


COVID-19 widespread testing is crucial to fighting the pandemic, but is there enough testing? The answer is in the positivity rates.


When New York announced last month that Washington state residents could visit without quarantining for two weeks, Seattle-based labor lawyer Michael Subit sprang into action.

He started planning a six-day cross-country driving trip with his wife and Bernese Mountain dog to visit his elderly parents. His 91-year-old father was just discharged after four months without visitors at a Veterans Administration hospital, where he was treated for a bone infection. His mother, 83, has diabetes, survived several strokes and heart attacks and is at high risk of COVID-19. 

They arrived in White Plains, New York, Tuesday night. As he traveled across the U.S., Subit kept an eye on Washington’s COVID-19 rate and case count to make sure it didn’t go back on New York’s list of more than 30 states whose residents have to quarantine for 14 days if they visitThey drove through Montana about the time it hit New York’s list, and they passed through many other states already on it, including Idaho and Indiana. New York doesn’t count a state unless you spend 24 hours in it. 

Know before you go: These states require travelers to self-quarantine or present negative COVID-19 test

Michael Subit, his wife Leslie Hagin and dog, Breezy, are shown by South Dakota’s Missouri River on their drive to New York to see Subit’s parents. (Photo: Family photo)

Many states

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How Red Sox Plan To Prevent COVID-19 Outbreak On ‘Concerning’ Road Trip

It’s already been a challenging season for the Boston Red Sox, whose three straight losses to the New York Yankees over the weekend dropped their record to 3-7 as Major League Baseball continues its 60-game sprint.

Ron Roenicke, Christian Vazquez

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Ron Roenicke, Christian Vazquez

Things only get trickier this week.

The Red Sox on Monday have their first off-day since beginning their schedule July 24. Which is nice, but also somewhat worrisome since they’re spending the day in Florida — home of the second-most coronavirus cases in the United States — ahead of a two-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field.

“It is concerning going there and getting into the hotel, and concerning with an off-day. Because an off-day, you want guys to go out and relax and do some things they enjoy. And we know that’s probably not a good idea,” Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke told reporters before Sunday’s series finale against the Yankees in New York. “So we’ve talked to all of them. Actually, some of them have come in and talked to us and asked us our opinion on doing some things. And we give them what we think. But you hate to restrict them and say, ‘Hey, you have to spend the whole day in your room for the 24 hours.’ ”

MLB already is facing a difficult situation, particularly in wake of the Miami Marlins’ outbreak, in which at least 22 players/personnel tested positive for COVID-19, and the St.

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Summer travel tips during COVID-19 from consultant Chuck Flagg

A travel consultant shared some tips on summer travel for those wanting a break during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chuck Flagg said he recently took a trip to a resort in the Dominican Republic.

He said the airport was not packed and the planes were half full. The resort itself was booked at 15 percent.

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Flagg also said things are changing every day with the pandemic. The Dominican Republic has a new policy in place requiring travelers to test negative for COVID-19.

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Resorts in Cancun, Mexico, are not packed and neither are the Florida Keys.

He said to be sure to get insurance that allows cancellation for any reason if you plan to travel.

“I would also recommend checking with the tourism board of the places you want to go to every day because this situation is so fluid,” said Flagg. “The story we are telling today could change tomorrow.”

Those cancel-for-any-reason policies can cost up to 40 percent of your trip expenses, but right now there are travel deals, so that could offset the costs.

One last tip he shared was to be sure to check restrictions on people from Texas because some states require you to quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

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