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Plan a Day Trip to Grays Harbor to Fly a Kite

One of life’s simple pleasures is watching a colorful kite soar through the bright blue sky. Since Grays Harbor is located on the coast of the state, breezy conditions are a common theme throughout the year. If you’ve never flown a kite before, or are looking to brush up on your skills, read on and plan a trip to Grays Harbor to fly a kite.

During the summer months, massive kites of all shapes and sizes can be seen during festivals or nice, slightly breezy days at the beach. Photo credit: Kelsey Norvell

Legend has it that the very first kites were invented by Chinese philosophers in the 5th century. Since this time, they’ve evolved from being used to as a rescue mission signal to a fun pastime activity. The original, handmade paper kites have been reimagined into thousands of different designs, shapes and colors. Modern technology gives eager kite flyers numerous options including box shaped kites, bi-planes, parafoils and many others. The new variety in kites has made the sport not only relaxing, but enjoyable to both take part in and watch.

Although the many different types of kinds may seem overwhelming to a beginner, remember to try and keep it simple to ensure a stress-free trip. The easiest, most family friendly kite to maneuver is a single line kite. To fly these, stand with your back to the wind, hold your kite up by the bridle point and let the line out. If there’s enough wind blowing,

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Thinking about a Labor Day road trip? Here are some ways to stay safe during the pandemic.

Longtime radio host Eric Tyler said he and his wife, Randi, have each visited more than 80 countries and were “always on airplanes.” Then the coronavirus pandemic hit, and Tyler was laid off from WBBM-FM 96.3 as part of cuts made by Entercom Communications.

a woman wearing a white shirt: Dr. June McKoy stands in a hospital room at Northwestern Memorial Hospital Feinberg Pavilion on Aug. 27, 2012. McKoy suggests car travelers create a packing list that includes prescription and over-the-counter medications, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, rolls of paper towels, water and snacks.

© Heather Charles / Chicago Tribune/Chicago Tribune/TNS
Dr. June McKoy stands in a hospital room at Northwestern Memorial Hospital Feinberg Pavilion on Aug. 27, 2012. McKoy suggests car travelers create a packing list that includes prescription and over-the-counter medications, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, rolls of paper towels, water and snacks.

Anxious to satisfy their travel itch, the two rented a Mazda CX-5 — a “Mazdarati” they called it — from an Avis location near their South Loop home for more than a month and went west.

“We have a 6-month-old puppy,” Tyler, 41, told the Tribune by phone of his Aussiedoodle named Esther. “I think we came up with this after a few drinks, but we decided that we are going to bring our 6-month-old puppy and get a picture with her in all of the lower 48 states by the time she turns 1, so we’ve got until the end of the year to do it.”

The couple went so far as to buy a 2015 Ram ProMaster van — they named it Velma — outfitted with a bed, toilet, portable shower, solar panels, cabinets and outlets with USB capabilities for $59,000 to continue their journey. Eric said he often drives while Randi works

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12 pick-your-own farms near Philly worth a day trip

Sure, you could head to the grocery store or have your provisions delivered to your home during the coronavirus pandemic. But sometimes, it’s nice to get out into nature and pick your own fruits and vegetables to take home.

And lucky for Philly-area folks, there is no shortage of farms and orchards offering that opportunity to potential pickers. Locally, we can get everything from succulent blackberries and peaches, to gorgeous tomatoes and sweet peppers. You can even travel a bit and make a day trip out of it, if you’re up to the task.

How to summer in Philly: Our 2020 summer guideNaturally, though, with a pandemic going, your trip will include plenty of social distancing and mask-wearing, so don’t forget the usual precautions. And, as always, crop selection and availability are subject to change, so it is best to call the farm or orchard to see what is available for picking.

We’ve rounded up a dozen area farms and orchards where you can go and pick your own fruits, veggies, and even flowers. Check out the list below:

For a quick trip


Pick Your own speciality flowers 150 stems for $5.00. ***THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SUNFLOWERS***

**Sunflowers??are NOT cut your own**

Posted by Maple Acres Farm on Thursday, July 30, 2020Maple Acres Farm and Market

If you just want something a little more flowery to pick yourself, this Plymouth Meeting farm is your spot. At it since 1916, Maple Acres today is known for their

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Kwik Trip lands frozen pizza on Green Bay Packers game day menu

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Meat Sweats Pothole Pizza is a combination pepperoni and sausage frozen pizza from Kwik Trip. (Photo: Daniel Higgins/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

Culinary team members Kevin Buttner and Ray Monroe engineered Pothole Pizza to fill the brewpub niche of Kwik Trip’s pizza lineup.

Going on to be the official pizza of Lambeau Field was an act of marketing.

Buttner and Monroe started kicking around the idea of a premium frozen pizza last summer, and after taste-testing 15 pizzas, they dove into development.

Using taste-test notes and noting which Kwik Trip Cheese Mountain pizzas were top sellers, the team worked with suppliers to assemble the Pothole pizzas.

Monroe said they spent two months to find the right blend of cheeses. They settled on a five-cheese blend that includes a sprinkle of cheddar and a larger shred of cheese to make the pies more eye-catching.

Cheese meltability was another point of emphasis, Buttner said, as they tested the transformation from large shreds to golden brown in a time it took the crust to cook. 

Further differentiating this pizza from its existing options, the team went with a spicier sauce and a sausage that comes in big hunks that can’t be missed.

“We just didn’t want it to blend in,” said Monroe.

Initial Pothole Pizza topping options are sausage, pepperoni and a pepperoni-sausage combination. Released in July, customers have already inquired about additional options. Those may come, but not any time soon. With limited freezer space compared to grocery stores and just

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This tiny SoCal island, full of carnage and shrieking, should be your next day trip

Hikers on Anacapa Island look from Inspiration Point to the island's central and western islets. <span class="copyright">(Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times)</span>
Hikers on Anacapa Island look from Inspiration Point to the island’s central and western islets. (Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times)

On one of the smallest islands in California’s least-visited national park, my daughter, Grace, and I went in search of splendid isolation. We found carnage, heard shrieks and wandered the topography of an acrophobe’s worst nightmare.

I recommend it — so long as you know what you’re getting into.

The island is Anacapa, part of Channel Islands National Park. To get there from Los Angeles, we got up early and drove an hour to Oxnard’s Channel Islands Harbor, where concessionaire Island Packers runs daily boat trips to Anacapa, about 12 miles out.

On the way, there’s a good chance you’ll spot dolphins alongside your vessel, as we did.

Question: Is this really a good time to board a ship?

Answer: The Vanguard, which usually can carry 81 passengers, is now capped at about 30 passengers, whose positions are closely monitored by the small crew. No more than nine people at a time are on the upper deck. Masks are required. Passengers are urged to use and carry hand sanitizer.

We went on a Monday, looking for day-trip consolation after the pandemic trashed our plans for a road trip up the coast. (Though many hotels and campgrounds have reopened, state officials continue to warn that Californians should avoid gatherings and “should not travel significant distances for pleasure or recreation.”)

Our trip took us less than 70 miles from

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