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Opinion/Lifestyle: I took an electric vehicle on a 400-mile road trip and developed range anxiety – Entertainment & Life – telegram.com

The pandemic has opened my mind to a host of new possibilities. I learned to cook a whole chicken, I went viral on TikTok, I taught myself how to longboard  (sort of) — and all from the comfort of my own city. When I realized I had only filled up my gas tank three times since March, I began to wonder: “Could I hack it in an electric vehicle?”

Chevy has been kind enough to give me carte blanche in executing many of my wackiest content ideas. Last month, I proposed a 400-mile road trip in a 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV Premier — retail $41,895. They said yes. The rest was operator error.

The first thing you need to know about driving a Bolt is it can go 259 miles on a full charge if your air conditioning is off and the terrain is flat. A driver info center tells you how many miles you have left, and unlike your gas gauge, there’s no wiggle room. More on that later.

If the majority of your trips are local or you are a two-vehicle household, having an EV on hand makes sense. For the perpetually late or those in a hurry, I would advise a different path.

I was comforted to learn that there are over 100 public charging stations within 10 miles of Worcester and 68% of them are totally free. Sounds promising, right? But, only 15% of them are fast-charging, meaning you can get to full capacity in approximately

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