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Filipina Explorer Tet Toralba Discusses Slow Travel and More

Before she was a world explorer, Tet Toralba was a photographer who, with her trusty camera, would run off to Sagada every month to capture nature’s beauty. Some weekends, she’d find herself on a diving trip to Batangas or flying an ultralight plane in Pampanga as she tried to destress from her then corporate job in Manila. Other times, she’d be off riding a surfboard in Baler or La Union or pulling an overnighter in Davao with her friends.

This was Tet’s travel life then. Having travelled to 60 of 81 Philippine provinces and 38 United Nations countries and territories, the Makati-based Filipina explorer and travel entrepreneur is now a master of slow travel, or seeing the world in a much more relaxed way. In this interview with TripZilla, Tet also talks about experiencing the underrated gems of Central Asia and being her own girl boss in the travel industry.

On slow travel and self-pacing

From Sagada, which Tet loves not just for its nature, but also the people and culture, Tet’s budding love for travel brought her to other destinations outside the Philippines. She also soon realised that her manic sightseeing and de-stressing would take a toll on her physically. Not to mention, she had very little experiences of the culture of the places she’d go to. This changed after she resigned from a long-time office job.

“When I resigned and I had all the time to travel, that is when I started or adapted to slow travel,” she

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