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A Bunch Of Secret Travel Gems To Hit On An Outback NSW Road Trip

The NSW outback is expansive and in the past, hasn’t exactly been our go-to for road tripping. But with COVID ruining everyone’s euro trip plans, and locked borders meaning travel ops are limited, it’s time to give the outback a shot.

I recently took a road trip from Sydney to Broken Hill after Mazda loaned me their new CX-30. The first secret to outback travel is you hundo do not need a 4WD unless you’re venturing on long, unsealed roads. Most stuff can be reached in a 2WD, which is epic news for anyone with a city dwellers car.

It *is* worth taking a car that’s in good knick, though. A few highlights of the Mazda CX-30 for me, and some stuff to think about when hiring a car for a trip like this: the smart brake sensors, which slowed me down automatically if some idiot cut in front of me (which could easily be a literal lifesaver in some situations), Apple CarPlay so your maps and tunes come up on the dash screen, and a huge-ass boot which I promptly filled with $1 homewares from various op shops and had to put my suitcase on the back seat. I have a shopping problem.

1. Silverton

If you head alllll the way to Broken Hill, you’re thirty minutes from one of the greatest IRL film sets ever. The Silverton Pub has been in a bazillion films and tv shows, and it’s easy to see why. It’s got that quintessential

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