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50 Ways To Travel The World Without Leaving Home

Many of us are in a travel limbo of sorts, waiting for the day when we can freely roam the globe again without worry. We want to rebook our canceled trips to Europe or the Caribbean, begin planning our nomadic gap year across Asia, or celebrate a big anniversary or retirement with an African safari or wine romp in Australia.

While a few countries are slowly opening up their borders, many travelers are staying put for the foreseeable future to protect themselves and others, per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Now is the time to research different destinations, learn about interesting cultures and languages, and map out your future plans. Remind yourself why you love traveling in the first place. Is it the food, the art, the different weather, the sense of adventure, or the unknown? The good news: there are many ways to travel the globe without ever leaving home—here are 50 to get you started.  

Satiate Your Wanderlust

1. Map out where you’ve been and where you’d like to go next with a push-pin travel atlas. Seeing the countries on the wall will inspire you every day.

2. Learn about different foods from around the globe, including creative ice cream desserts.  

3. Make a bucket list of all of the pie in the sky destinations that you’d like to visit, alone or with someone you love.

4. Create a vision board—print out colorful images,

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‘Unpregnant’ Composer Roger Neill on Scoring Film and TV From Home

Like many professional musicians, Roger Neill wears many hats: he’s an in-demand composer for film (including Mike Mills’ “20th Century Women” and “Beginners”), TV (Amazon’s Golden Globe-winning comedy “Mozart In The Jungle,” Fox’s “King Of The Hill”) and radio (NPR’s “This American Life”). He’s an arranger and orchestrator for many musicians’ albums and tours (including John Legend and the French group Air), and a multi-instrumentalist fluent in everything from piano and guitar to the charango and the dobro.

It was the latter hat that became most useful when it came time to create the score for his latest project, HBO Max’s teen friendship comedy “Unpregnant,” which premieres September 10 and stars Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira. Though Neill had secured his composer role with the film prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, he didn’t have a rough cut to start work on the music until after quarantine and remote orchestral performances became the indefinite norm.


“Normally I would have time to put together a small combo of musicians, but this was really difficult to try and do that,” Neill says on the phone from his home studio in Los Angeles. “I play guitar and woodwinds so I could record stuff in my studio, but I reached out to certain players who I knew could do multiple parts. For example, there’s a string player I rely on who did some violin sections who I had record 16 [separate times], since I couldn’t get an ensemble together. Likewise, with a drummer

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Escape Venice’s tourist crush with a trip to Vicenza, home of great Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio

VICENZA, Italy — If you want to break away from the crowds that make Venice a poster child for the term “overtourism” and you love architecture, there is one place you must go: nearby Vicenza, a showcase for the work of the renowned Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio.

a piece of cake sitting on top of a table: The Palladio Museum in Vicenza, Italy features easy-to-grasp displays, like this example of triangular bricks that enabled the museumís namesake to form round columns from inexpensive materials.

© Blair Kamin/Chicago Tribune/TNS
The Palladio Museum in Vicenza, Italy features easy-to-grasp displays, like this example of triangular bricks that enabled the museumís namesake to form round columns from inexpensive materials.

Palladio, who lived from 1508 to 1580, drew inspiration from the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, transforming these models into masterpieces that influenced everything from English country houses to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

The most famous of his works, the transcendent hilltop mansion called the Villa Rotonda, is a short taxi, bus or bike ride from Vicenza’s compact, largely car-free town center, where the main street bears Palladio’s name.

The town center itself is stocked with impressive Palladio buildings, including numerous town palaces, or palazzi, one of which houses an excellent and engaging museum devoted entirely to the architect.

In the surrounding countryside are Palladio’s villas, where the architect combined opulent living quarters and working farm buildings into coherent complexes that married nature with culture, rusticity and urbanity.

Located about 40 miles west of Venice, with a population of about 112,000, Vicenza (pronounced vi-CHEN-zah) is an ideal day trip. I took a red, sleek-nosed Italo train from Venice’s Santa Lucia station. (Round-trip fare was just under 38 euros, or roughly $42. The

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