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The Best Companies For Your Active Outdoor Travel

Active travel is my favorite kind of travel, and whether it’s a guided group hike in the Alps, a self-guided bike tour in wine country or a multi-sport vacation that combines cycling,hiking and watersports, these trips offer guilt free indulgence. You still visit wonderful places, eat delicious things and stay at first rate hotels, but you also exercise every day and feel better about all the luxuries.

Active vacations are also outdoors by their very nature, and outdoors is where everyone wants to be right now due to the global coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, participant outdoor sports have exploded in popularity since March, and I have recently written beginners’ guides here at Forbes on hiking, on road biking and mountain biking for the thousands taking up these new pursuits. But active travel still faces many of the same hurdles all would-be travelers have to cope with right now: cancellations, fear of flying, quarantine requirements, outright travel bans and the basic decision whether it is even moral to put yourself in someone else’s community and potentially at risk.

Ultimately, whether you want to travel at this time is up to you, and if the answer is yes, than you will be happy to learn that many of the top active travel

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