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Plan a Day Trip to Grays Harbor to Fly a Kite

One of life’s simple pleasures is watching a colorful kite soar through the bright blue sky. Since Grays Harbor is located on the coast of the state, breezy conditions are a common theme throughout the year. If you’ve never flown a kite before, or are looking to brush up on your skills, read on and plan a trip to Grays Harbor to fly a kite.

During the summer months, massive kites of all shapes and sizes can be seen during festivals or nice, slightly breezy days at the beach. Photo credit: Kelsey Norvell

Legend has it that the very first kites were invented by Chinese philosophers in the 5th century. Since this time, they’ve evolved from being used to as a rescue mission signal to a fun pastime activity. The original, handmade paper kites have been reimagined into thousands of different designs, shapes and colors. Modern technology gives eager kite flyers numerous options including box shaped kites, bi-planes, parafoils and many others. The new variety in kites has made the sport not only relaxing, but enjoyable to both take part in and watch.

Although the many different types of kinds may seem overwhelming to a beginner, remember to try and keep it simple to ensure a stress-free trip. The easiest, most family friendly kite to maneuver is a single line kite. To fly these, stand with your back to the wind, hold your kite up by the bridle point and let the line out. If there’s enough wind blowing,

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How Red Sox Plan To Prevent COVID-19 Outbreak On ‘Concerning’ Road Trip

It’s already been a challenging season for the Boston Red Sox, whose three straight losses to the New York Yankees over the weekend dropped their record to 3-7 as Major League Baseball continues its 60-game sprint.

Ron Roenicke, Christian Vazquez

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Ron Roenicke, Christian Vazquez

Things only get trickier this week.

The Red Sox on Monday have their first off-day since beginning their schedule July 24. Which is nice, but also somewhat worrisome since they’re spending the day in Florida — home of the second-most coronavirus cases in the United States — ahead of a two-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field.

“It is concerning going there and getting into the hotel, and concerning with an off-day. Because an off-day, you want guys to go out and relax and do some things they enjoy. And we know that’s probably not a good idea,” Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke told reporters before Sunday’s series finale against the Yankees in New York. “So we’ve talked to all of them. Actually, some of them have come in and talked to us and asked us our opinion on doing some things. And we give them what we think. But you hate to restrict them and say, ‘Hey, you have to spend the whole day in your room for the 24 hours.’ ”

MLB already is facing a difficult situation, particularly in wake of the Miami Marlins’ outbreak, in which at least 22 players/personnel tested positive for COVID-19, and the St.

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Trying to plan a vacation during COVID? Experts give tips.

Drive or fly? Where to go? What to do? 9Health has tips from two doctors.

DENVER — We are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is still summer and before it’s over maybe you’re trying to plan some kind of vacation. That is extra challenging right now, especially for those that are older or those with underlying health conditions.

9Health talked with Dr. Robert Morris, chief medical officer for Well-Advised, and 9Health Expert Dr. Payal Kohli.

Kohli and Morris shared recommendations and tips for traveling this summer during the pandemic. 

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When it comes to planning a trip, both Kohli and Morris said it’s all about where, how, and who.

“I ask myself three questions. The first is where are you going? The second is how are you going to go? And then who are you going with?” Kohli said. 

For where, Kholi said to make sure you aren’t traveling to a place with COVID-19 activity that’s going up. Try as much as you can to find something to do within your local community or if you are traveling farther, then go to a state where the COVID-19 cases are going down or are better controlled.

For how, both Morris and Kohli advised driving over flying.

“Personally, I would not fly anywhere at the moment,” Morris said.

“If you’re sitting on a plane for several hours, that’s certainly much higher risk than driving in

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