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Drawing angels and inspiration; issues of race and political history discussed at the BPL

Eric Carle, Homage to Paul Klee 14, 2018.
Eric Carle, Homage to Paul Klee 14, 2018.Collection of The Eric and Barbara Carle Foundation. © Penguin Random House LLC.

Picturing angels

Paul Klee’s angel drawings and prints — some 70 of them he did in his career — use simple lines to show figures serene, playful, contemplative, protective, sometimes sad. Inspired by Klee’s angels, the children’s book artist Eric Carle made a series of 20 angel collages using cardboard, paint, and found objects. These pieces are the subject of a new exhibit at the Eric Carle Museum of Art. “Eric Carle’s Angels: An Homage to Paul Klee” opened to the public last week, and will run trough Nov. 29. Carle started making the collages four years ago, at age 87, using materials that otherwise would’ve been discarded in his studio: shipping boxes, tubes of paint, carpet shreds, aluminum scraps. His angels are colorful, expressive, with scrawly sweeps of color like Cy Twombly, but with a lighter, more playful touch. Wings gesture at sweep, uplift, flight, embrace. The pieces exude a benevolence and showcase a masterful use of color, shape, and energy, a vital series by an artist whose work expands well beyond the pages of children’s books. For more information, visit carlemuseum.org.

Pleasures of the seasons

Eleven paragraphs in Vermont writer Makenna Goodman’s swift and sensual debut novel, “The Shame” (Milkweed), move the reader through the seasons of the Vermont year in a way that is so specific, so alive, so accurately capturing the shifts,

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