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Travel Restrictions During COVID-19: Can I Take a Trip in California?

If Driving Is Safer, How Can I Road Trip Safely?

Making your trip in a car undoubtedly reduces your risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 because of how contained you are from others. It’s way less risky than taking a plane or a train right now. But by leaving your household and hitting the road, you’re still running the risk of spreading the coronavirus, and should take precautions — especially if you’re planning to drive longer distances.

Unless you’re purposefully limiting your mileage, you’re going to need to get out of your car at certain times. It’s smart to plan your route and be aware of the COVID-19 risks in the areas you’re driving through — if you’re driving through a hot spot, you may wish to limit your stops.

Bring an ample supply of wipes to keep your car disinfected by wiping the steering wheel, surfaces, gearstick, parking brake and inside the dashboard every time you return to your car from a gas station, rest stop, restaurant or lodging — basically, from anywhere you’re around people or touching surfaces.

Keep a sealed bag in your car for disposing of your used wipes and gloves. Stash your mask(s) safely somewhere where you can easily and quickly grab it.

You’re almost certainly going to need to stop for gas, so remember to wipe down gas pump handles with your disinfectant wipes. You might consider bringing a supply of gloves to wear when refueling and using gas station restrooms — just remember

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