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Motorcycle Touring Tips – Planning For The Ride

 Motorcycle Touring Tips

Unless you’ve been naughty and have snuck in a ride during this lockdown, your predicament at the moment is serious. Of course you want to cram your tail bag with all the unused outdoorsy stuff you’ve cleaned and re-cleaned in the last four months and go for that ride you’ve been denied for almost all of 2020. That’s all you can think of while pretending to work (okay, some of you do have real jobs) and so, you’ve thought of everything you’re going to do as if possessed by the spirit of a German mechanical engineer. Should you have, though? 

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Motorcycle Touring Tips

Regardless of the hot pandemic soup we’ve gotten poured over our heads, planning your touring itinerary is mostly a good idea. Mostly. Hotel bookings are an obvious consideration although some of us are still quite untrusting of web portals and so tend to leave this for a ‘look and feel’ judgement. This works in most cases but it is something you should avoid in places where tourism activities are dictated by peak seasons. It happened to me once, on a ride to Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi which has a tourist season… of one day. As luck would have it, it was that very day on which I chose to arrive, and thus I nearly ended up sleeping at an (already full-up) bus depot. The saviour was an exorbitantly priced hotel room, the very last one in the

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