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Tips to take a safe and affordable Fall road trip | Articles

fall road trip

As American families continue to track developments of the pandemic, many are opting for regional travel experiences this fall.

For some, a road trip to a national park or quaint town might provide just the right combination of taking in the fall scenery while traveling in a way that limits contact with others. However, even road trips close to home can incur their fair share of expenses, which is something many Americans are looking at more closely these days. To watch your spending on the road, consider the following trip tips:

• Plan your route carefully. Opting for a closer destination can eliminate hefty gas expenditures and wear and tear on your vehicle. For example, if you’re on the East Coast, consider the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina for breathtaking views. Similarly, if you reside on the West Coast, you might want to think about a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery.

• Look for deals on accommodations. If you’re taking a multi-day driving trip, hotel stays can begin to add up, especially in larger cities. Try to find accommodations in less densely populated areas along your route, which can include motels or even alternative accommodations such as vacation rentals. Accommodations metasearch site trivago is a great option to search for lodging deals: www.trivago.com.

• Ensure flexibility. Over the past few months, flexibility when booking travel went from being a “nice to have”

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Opinion/Lifestyle: I took an electric vehicle on a 400-mile road trip and developed range anxiety – Entertainment & Life – telegram.com

The pandemic has opened my mind to a host of new possibilities. I learned to cook a whole chicken, I went viral on TikTok, I taught myself how to longboard  (sort of) — and all from the comfort of my own city. When I realized I had only filled up my gas tank three times since March, I began to wonder: “Could I hack it in an electric vehicle?”

Chevy has been kind enough to give me carte blanche in executing many of my wackiest content ideas. Last month, I proposed a 400-mile road trip in a 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV Premier — retail $41,895. They said yes. The rest was operator error.

The first thing you need to know about driving a Bolt is it can go 259 miles on a full charge if your air conditioning is off and the terrain is flat. A driver info center tells you how many miles you have left, and unlike your gas gauge, there’s no wiggle room. More on that later.

If the majority of your trips are local or you are a two-vehicle household, having an EV on hand makes sense. For the perpetually late or those in a hurry, I would advise a different path.

I was comforted to learn that there are over 100 public charging stations within 10 miles of Worcester and 68% of them are totally free. Sounds promising, right? But, only 15% of them are fast-charging, meaning you can get to full capacity in approximately

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Class Up Your New England Road Trip with Picnics at Gilded Age Estates

A recently introduced offering in elegant Newport, Rhode Island, gives visitors the chance to practice social distancing, Vanderbilt style. 

The new “Stroll the Gardens and Grounds” package from the Preservation Society of Newport County grants outdoor access to two of Newport’s Gilded Age mansions—the Elms and the Vanderbilts’ Breakers—as well as the kid-friendly Green Animals Topiary Garden (pictured) in Portsmouth, located about 10 miles north of Newport. 

The specialty ticket doesn’t include entry to the interiors of the homes, but you can spread out a picnic blanket and admire the elaborate gardens, impressive architecture, and commanding views of the Atlantic Ocean. The Elms has a collection of Greek statuary just begging to appear in your Instagram feed. At the Breakers you can follow the newly restored Serpentine Path to make a complete circuit of the 13-acre seaside estate. 

Offset all that stately grandeur with a visit to the whimsical Green Animals, where more than 80 plants and trees shaped like birds, animals, and geometric designs ornament the oldest topiary garden in the United States. 

The Gardens and Grounds ticket gives you a good reason to plan a Newport road trip—Frommer’s named the town one of our favorite destinations for a scenic drive—or you can visit the three properties on different days. 

Masks and social distancing are required at each spot. Tickets cost $18 apiece for adults, $8 for kids ages 6 through 17. (By way of comparison, touring only the Breakers inside and out costs $26 per adult—yes,

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Your Guide to Driving Down the Great River Road

great river road route map with some noted cities


The mighty Mississippi River is the stuff that legends are made of. Some of the greatest songs and stories in our nation’s history were written about its beauty and mythology. There’s no greater way to appreciate its majesty and lore than on an epic Great River Road Trip, one of the 50 best road trips in America. It’s been federally designated as an official scenic byway, well-marked by a series of Pilot’s Wheel Road Signs which follow a series of roads crossing ten states crossing over both sides of the Mississippi River. There are over 70 interpretive centers along the way and other points of cultural and historical interest, viewing areas, and other highlights. Come hungry, the regional foods you’ll sample along the way are not to be missed.


Minneapolis Skyline Aerial With Park And Lake

Davel5957/Getty Images

Buckle up and start your Great River Road trip in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, also known as the Twin Cities. If you’ve never been here before, you’ll want to take at least a day to explore these vibrant communities. Don’t miss the Missippi River Center in St. Paul which is full of films and interactive exhibits target at both adults and children dedicated to the culture and history of the Mississippi River. Also in St. Paul, Fort Snelling has a difficult history. It was built on the land where the Dakota Tribe made their home for thousands of years; they called the area Bdote. In 1820, the U.S. Army built the fort, and the military officers

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A Bunch Of Secret Travel Gems To Hit On An Outback NSW Road Trip

The NSW outback is expansive and in the past, hasn’t exactly been our go-to for road tripping. But with COVID ruining everyone’s euro trip plans, and locked borders meaning travel ops are limited, it’s time to give the outback a shot.

I recently took a road trip from Sydney to Broken Hill after Mazda loaned me their new CX-30. The first secret to outback travel is you hundo do not need a 4WD unless you’re venturing on long, unsealed roads. Most stuff can be reached in a 2WD, which is epic news for anyone with a city dwellers car.

It *is* worth taking a car that’s in good knick, though. A few highlights of the Mazda CX-30 for me, and some stuff to think about when hiring a car for a trip like this: the smart brake sensors, which slowed me down automatically if some idiot cut in front of me (which could easily be a literal lifesaver in some situations), Apple CarPlay so your maps and tunes come up on the dash screen, and a huge-ass boot which I promptly filled with $1 homewares from various op shops and had to put my suitcase on the back seat. I have a shopping problem.

1. Silverton

If you head alllll the way to Broken Hill, you’re thirty minutes from one of the greatest IRL film sets ever. The Silverton Pub has been in a bazillion films and tv shows, and it’s easy to see why. It’s got that quintessential

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