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Tips for Planning a Socially Distant Road Trip

Get behind the wheel of an RV.

If you’re not comfortable staying in a hotel or renting a home, consider renting an RV to limit exposure to others. “As travel restrictions continue, many families are exploring RV travel as a way to vacation in a self-contained environment where they can have complete control over where, how and with whom they travel,” says Jer Goss, CEO of Goss RV. “For those wanting a little more luxury, high-end RV resorts offer unbelievable amenities and ample distancing. RVs afford people a sense of freedom, privacy and control that many travelers are craving right now.”

When you’re deciding what kind of comforts you want in your RV, think about hygiene first. If you don’t want to look for campgrounds with open amenities, consider an RV that has a shower and toilet. “Nothing feels safer than living in your own space,” says Marianne Edwards, co-founder at Boondockers Welcome. “You’re the only one using your kitchen, don’t have to use public washrooms (which may not even be available), can wash your hands as often as you like, and perhaps best of all, sleep in your own bed every night.”

A survey from Nissan found that 28% are thinking of renting or buying a vehicle capable of towing. What many folks may not realize, however, is that a typical family vehicle they may already own can tow many of today’s lightweight RVs. Before you get on the road, ensure that your trailer and vehicle are

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